More organizations than ever are now recognising the need to understand and manage the risks that they are faced with. It is no longer appropriate to ignore risks and expect to avoid the consequences.

Recent corporate history has many examples of programmes and projects that have failed simply because there has been inadequate management of the risks involved. Businesses are also recognizing that risks also have to be managed in other areas – strategic planning and operational management are examples.

Group of businesspeople The M_o_R® risk management guidance can be applied to any organization wishing to implement a risk-based approach into their organization. It aims to provide a properly implemented structured approach necessary to provide internal controls to business change undertakings. This event provides delegates with a structure which will assist them, in implementing a risk framework without being prescriptive. M_o_R® provides senior managers with the opportunity to ‘manage by exception’.

This aims to ensure that they incorporate controls which protect the organization in compliance with corporate governance, whilst protecting shareholders and the public. M_o_R® handles this by providing the structure for a suitable decision support environment.

Elzas Consultancy can also provide in-house 1-day Overview courses in Risk Management which will enable you to understand and use some basic risk techniques.