Projects are an inevitable feature of success. Without them organisations stagnate, decline and eventually cease to exist. Successful projects need specialist staff, often at short notice and in small teams resources that few organisations can provide themselves. Compromising staffing decisions can put critical initiatives at risk. Your solution is to use a Project Manager from Elzas Consultancy.

Communication, risk management and leadership are key elements in project management. We facilitate communication, ensuring a clear understanding of the business objectives and scope through the entire project team. We identify and manage project risks, both positive and negative:

Most importantly, our project managers are leaders.

Elzas Consultancy ensures that through are project managers your project team has a complete understanding of each project task, and its effect on resources. For our clients, Elzas Consultancy manages project scheduling, reporting, internal communication, and documentation.

OUR PROJECT MANAGERS Businesspersons at Meeting

  • Provide you with resources within demanding timescales
  • Have extensive experience and can fill immediate skills shortages
  • Enable your project as usual business staff to focus on what they do best
  • Support your project initiatives, to improve the chances of success
  • Operate independently of other business pressures and distractions

The experience and maturity of our Project Managers is a significant advantage. At Elzas Consultancy we have access to talented and proficient Project Managers who operate confidently and have proven experience in many business sectors. They can support you in any way you wish, but always leave you in control. They are able to travel the professional development journey with you, demonstrating by example and coaching your people to achieve superior results.
Our Project Managers can always call on the support of other members of the Elzas Consultancy team and in turn are subjected to rigorous quality reviews of their work. These are based on our exacting standards and embedded in the project management methods taught by Elzas Consultancy.

Our Project Managers will build effective teams with yours and will enthusiastically transfer their skills, leaving your people with improved capability to address future changes. As well as delivering improved business performance we expect to ensure changes are bedded in and genuinely become part of your normal operations. Our aim is to ensure that the ‘Project effect’ continues to benefit you long after our assignment has ended.

Typical roles undertaken by an Elzas Consultancy Project Manager

  • Major project management
  • Project initiation and design
  • Project health checks
  • Project recoveries
  • Coaching and mentoring internal teams

Involve our Project Managers
From the start we build the involvement necessary to deliver successfully. To find out more about how your organisation can realise the benefits offered by our Project management service, please contact Erik Scholten at info@elzasconsultancy.com