“Project Management is the wave of the future.” (Fortune Magazine)

Business People in a Row The business world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Companies must change to remain viable. Agility and flexibility are essential.  But change entails risk. Project Management is becoming accepted as the management system of choice to introduce change in a controlled manner.

In their origin and execution, projects both cause change and result from change. It is their purpose to change things – how we work, how we produce, how we live. In the process, projects change organizations, suppliers, customers, employees, stakeholders, and the many working relationships between them. Projects lie at the core of organization change.

Project management is not always considered to be a specialized business discipline. Projects are normally managed by individuals who are specialists in project management. Project teams, on the other hand, are staffed by non-project specialists representing various functions of an organization. And yet, to be most effective, team members should understand and support the processes and disciplines of successful project management.

Elzas Consultancy provides management solutions by partnering with selected clients to harness and direct their project resources to achieve an uncompromising commitment to business outcomes. It provides a range of training, consulting and implementation solutions for business-oriented projects.