Elzas Consultancy is able to offer clients the opportunity of several additional services, via our partner network.

CUPE Ltd Elzas Consultancy offers on-site training, web based training in an interactive environment, and E-Education self-paced training classes by using the services of our Cupe Education Centre.
Contact Cupe Education Centre today at +44 1202 555 733 or, write your email to our team.
Find us complete on the CUPE website.

logo-bdh Through our partnership with BDH Management Partner, we are able to offer Elzas Consultancy clients the opportunity to obtain personal coaching in the field of management skills, attitude and behaviour. Established in 2004, BDH Management Partner was formed to provide practical and effective solutions for coaching and sparring.

tsi_logo Through our partnership with True Solutions Inc., Affiliate Training Partner in the USA, Elzas is able to offer its clients the opportunity to obtain training across the Atlantic. Please contact Tim Bergmann at +1 972-770-0900 or proceed to the TSI website.