Trainers’ Profile

All trainers that Elzas Consultancy deploys demonstrate a fidelity to the Elzas Consultancy approach, are able to identify and apply a core ‘non-negotiable’ element of the course design, but using their own professional style and skill in creatively achieving learning objectives around this core. All our trainers have the following attributes:


  • Subject matter mastery and any necessary accreditations.
  • An ability to conform to Elzas Consultancy values.
  • An ability to check for clarity of understanding in delegates and take responsibility for achieving clarity of understanding by our delegates.
  • An ability to communicate with a number of different learning styles, using participative training approaches.
  • A willingness take responsibility for improving delegates’ recall of subject matter and developing an integrated understanding as the training program progresses.
  • A willingness achieve more than the mere passing of exams, but to inspire and give confidence to delegates as they return to their projects.
  • A lifelong learner, willing to try new training techniques and approaches in order to serve our clients only with the most recent knowledge available.