Since July 2014, Elzas Consultancy is proud to have been able to acquire the best services possible for trainings. We deliver trainings now through our Cupe Education Centre. You can find more information about the whole Project and Program Management training Suite at PPM Education.

The Elzas Consultancy Project Management Education Program comprises a range of project management courses and workshops to cover most of the important aspects of project management theory and practice. Whether you are looking for a PRINCE2, PMP training in order to improve your knowledge and skills level with regard to project management or are in need for further certification in MSP or MoP, you are able to find these now in our broad education suite.

Group of businesspeople The Elzas Consultancy Education Approach is focused on assessing where the organization would like to be in terms of Project Management profile and then raising the Project Management skill level to ensure project success and achieve real business benefit. We do not simply offer once off training but rather design a customized development plan that combines a number of approaches in order to address organizational needs and ensure a beneficial long term relationship, which will address changing organizational needs over time.

Another key element of our approach is a thorough assessment after the development plan has been executed in order to ensure that required benefits were realized. The Elzas Consultancy Education Solutions approach is both practical and pleasurable, believing that it is only through pleasure and practice that a skill is truly learnt.

Elzas Consultancy Education has a wide variety of training courses, coaching approaches and seminars which can be tailored to address the needs of any organization. We are keen to meet with you personally to assess your requirements and discuss your specific needs in order to begin the process of compiling an organizational specific development plan for your staff and organization.

Should you wish to meet with us to discuss our approach further or require further information on our solution offerings, please contact the Cupe Education Centre today at +44 1202 555 733 or write your email to our team. Find us complete on the CUPE website.