Elzas Consultancy’s consultants specialize in project assessments, and capability and maturity evaluations. Elzas Consultancy has performed assessments for large and small organizations in several industries, such as financial institutions, government agencies and manufacturing.
Elzas Consultancy will use Best Practice methodologies to evaluate and assess your project management environment. We will refer to and use recognized industry standard documentation, references and materials such as:

- Project Management Institute (PMI) Group of businesspeople

- PMBOK® Project Management Body of Knowledge

- PRINCE2® The UK project management methodology

- CMM and CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integrated), developed by the Software Engineering Institute

Professional experience and knowledge gained by our tenured project management professions who will contribute to this project. Due to the collaborative nature of this type of assessment, we recognize that it is imperative to the success of the project for all stakeholders and participants to provide candid responses and timely access to their schedule. Elzas Consultancy realizes the value and importance of maintaining operational efficiency and will be sensitive to disruptions of the client’s day-to-day operations.

Do you need help and advice in engaging with change through projects?
With Elzas Consultancy you have access to years of combined knowledge, experience and skill. Whatever challenge you are facing in trying to make change happen, we are certain to have encountered something very similar ? and have helped a client like you overcome it.